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Tuesday, June 28 Al Olivero
Wednesday, June 29  Ryan Zimmerman
Thursday, June 30 Charlie Wigo


Friday, July 1 Vinny Rugnetta
Saturday, July 2 J Liberio
Sunday, July 3 Kevin Burns
Monday, July 4 John Rodden
Tuesday, July 5 Derek Crider
Wednesday, July 6 Doug Kaetz
Thursday, July 7 Andrew Behringer
Friday, July 8 Mike Gibbins
Saturday, July 9 Matt Adams
Sunday, July 10 Kevin Burns
Monday, July 11 Josh Rodden
Tuesday, July 12 The Fourth Son
Wednesday, July 13 Petty Cash
Thursday, July 14 Andrew Behringer
Sunday, July 17 Kevin Burns
Monday, July 18 John Rodden
Tuesday, July 19 Al Olivero
Wednesday, July 20 Lindsey Evans
Thursday, July 21 Andrew Behringer
Friday, July 22 Ken Shiles
Saturday, July 23 Steve Difalco
Sunday, July 24Kevin Burns
Monday, July 25 Josh Rodden
Wednesday, July 27 Petty Cash
Thursday, July 28 Andrew Behringer
Sunday, July 31 Kevin Burns


Monday, August 1 John Rodden 
Tuesday, August 2 Derek Crider
Wednesday, August 3 Rob Lipkin
Thursday, August 4 Andrew Behringer
Saturday, August 6 Christian Glomb
Sunday, August 7 Kevin Burns
Monday, August 8 Josh Rodden
Wednesday, August 10 Doug Kaetz
Thursday, August 11 Andrew Behringer
Friday, August 12 Sage Thomas
Saturday, August 13 Vinny Rugnetta
Sunday, August 14 Kevin Burns
Monday, August 15John Rodden
Tuesday, August 16 Matt Adams
Thursday, August 18 Andrew Behringer
Sunday, August 21 Kevin Burns
Monday, August 22 Josh Rodden
Thursday, August 25 Andrew Behringer
Sunday, August 28 Kevin Burns
Monday, August 29 Josh Rodden